Office Hours & Appointments

Doctor’s hours are by appointment. Please call the office to schedule an appointment. This is for your convenience and it helps us to minimize your waiting time. We make a sincere efforts to see every appointment on time. A phone call is appreciated if an appointment needs to be rescheduled. We require that all pets be on leash, in a pet carrier, or in your arms before entering and while in the waiting room.

Emergency Services

Emergency service after hours is provided by the Suncoast Veterinary Emergency Clinic (941) 929-1818.


Medications given at the wrong time can be very detrimental to your pet’s health. Be sure to carefully follow label directions. Never give your pet human medication without checking with your veterinarian first. Heartworm medication needs to be administered year around in our region of the U.S.

Dropping Your Pet Off

Drop off service is available for your convenience. You may drop off your pet in the morning for treatment and pick them up that afternoon. Please call the office for a time to pick up your pet. The Doctor may want to discuss your pet’s condition with you and would need to set some time aside to consult with you.

Phone Calls

Our staff makes a sincere effort to answer any question you may have over the phone. In some instances, it may be necessary to have the Doctor return your call.
To check on the condition of your hospitalized pet please call after 9.30am so that the Doctor has had time to examine and medicate your pet. Many times during busy days return calls from the Doctors will have to be made during lunch or after hours.

Fees & Payments

We make a concerted effort to provide high quality care for your pet at a reasonable cost. Payment is required at the time of the service is performed. We accept personal checks, MasterCard and Visa. You will be provided with an itemized receipt detailing all services performed and the fees charged. Please feel free to discuss the cost of your pet’s health care with us at any time. We will be happy to provide an estimate of charges prior to any treatment.

Vaccination & Immunology

It is our policy to vaccinate all animals against those diseases with which it might come in contact, and for which effective vaccines are available. Proper preventive medicine is always safer and more economical that treating a clinical case of disease.

In Summary

Your veterinarian works long hours in order to supervise, care for and treat your pets. It is necessary to develop policies which ensure the best service possible in this hospital. We appreciate and thank you for your patience and cooperation with our hospital policies. We hope that this information will answer most of your questions and familiarize our new residents in our community who may be considering our services, with our hospital policies.

Best of health to you and your pets!

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